Beauharnais, Alexandre, viscount de

   military figure
   Born in Fort-Royal, Martinique, Alexandre, viscount de Beauharnais, in 1779 married Joséphine Tascher de la Pagerie, the future empress of France. The couple had two children: Eugène de Beauharnais, a future general, prince, and viceroy of Italy, and hortense, who became the queen of Holland. Alexandre de Beauharnais fought in the American War of Independence and then, after serving as a deputy for the nobility to the estates general, during the revolution of 1789, served as president of the Constituent Assembly. Promoted to the rank of general in 1792, he declined being named minister of war. Accused of having poorly defended Mainz from attacking anti-Revolutionary Coalition forces (1793), he was guillotined.

France. A reference guide from Renaissance to the Present . 1884.

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